General IR remote control signal decoder

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A simple signal decoder for remote controls for exact testing of functionality. Tester not only diagnoses whether the remote control is transmitting infrared light but also decodes the signal and displays the code on the large display, so you can quickly check if the remote control is transmitting the correct code. It can be used for detection whether the remote controls are interchangeable/compatible. It is an indispensable tool for all electro-repairs and services.  

Infrared signal decoder functions: 
1.Tests IR remote controls.
2. Decodes remote control IR signal. 
3. Distinguishes the protocol of the transmitted code


Large screen display.    Audible and visual alarm signal.  Very easy and intuitive use - it can handle also radio amateur, which will according to the enclosed instructions quickly understand the principle of the IR signal transmission. There is nothing like this on the Czech market, the other testers can only verify whether the signal is transmitted or not but this can be done also by using any camera or video camera through whose lens you can see the otherwise to the eye invisible IR (infrared signal).

The problem occurs when the remote control transmits something, but do not know what. Remote control that is transmitting, can be still defective. This decoder will reveal the fact that although the remote control is transmitting, it may be the wrong code or the wrong frequency. According to the accompanied tables you can quickly verify to what format the signal corresponds and whether it is the correct protocol and code. 

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