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Broken remote control? We allways have a solution.  


We are remote control developers from Czech Republic, Europe. We have 9000 RC types in stock including about 3000 of original remote controls.
If there is the original remote model available on the market, we have it in ou warehouse. If original discontinued, we can produce it's duplicate, which is dedicated (not universal) replacement with all the button names labeled correctly.  Seriously, we can create a perfect copy of any kind original remote control. Only in 2 days we will progamm each button of your remote control one after one by our own Software and we print its button names directly on the RC case. Printing is abrasive resistant. We are developping our database since 2008, we can say now that we know all the existing remote control codes. 
We will send you only 100% functioning remote control. 100% means all the functions of original guaranteed, no programming or setup is needed. Just insert the battery and use it with your device.


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Our office, development lab, service workshop, dispatch department and warehouse are placed in our own building in Ostrava, Czech Republic. W
e stock original remote controls here and duplicate remotes as well. But most used solution is our GENERAL DUPLICATE remotes, a 1:1 copy remote of the original remote. We have now 120 000 pieces of remotes in stock.

Ostrava is a city of Colours Of Ostrava music festival. Baron Rothschild’s Vitkovice Steel company started production here in 1828 so Ostrava is a most important european city of Industrial revolution in 1800’s. After having industrial history Ostrava is the city of remote controls now. Why? Everyday we ship hundreds of remotes to 130 countries around the World. You should visit Ostrava on holidays, maybe with Prague too. It’s a very special place. Still reading? Nice. Go on. 

It is personal
It really is. Nobody can make a correct choice of dozens thousands of devices. We can. We know everything about remote controls. So please, ask for help. It is our mission to answer and help you. It is the only way to make the best choice for you. And the best way is the only way. Also, it is a great feeling, to hear someone cheering "yes, this is the remote, the same as my old one!" 
Ask those who know the most about remote controls.

Not a boss. Our customers feed our kids. So we will do our best to resolve your remote control problem. It is our passion. We must do things better than 100% correct and better than everyone else, because nobody else can do the things we do here.. No one else in the world has been decoding and analyzing RC signals every day for more than 10 years. 
We love our job and that's what made us a #1 option for more than 300 000 customers.

Customer support
Jakub (the
 Head od shipping department) Thomas, Adam and Daniel are specialists.  
Jacob, Thomas or Adam help you to choose the convenient original remote control for you or they will set up your new dedicated replacement remote control, Daniel will print the button names on your new relacement remote in accordance with your old original remote.
They will also answer all your questions via online chat or email. Ask them for the best solution. They will help you to make a best choice for you. Personally, one to one. As we said above. 

E-shop and database admin
There are new device models and remote control types made every day in the world. Lukas and Michael keep our webshop offer and remote controls database actuall. Every day they add many new products - new  remote controls in our webshop. 

Matej (the Head od shipping department), Martina and Eva are very productive at warehouse. A thousands of packages they have sent every month since 2008. Sometimes a mistake occurs because we are only people, but our guys will send you the proper package immediatelly. At our expenses of course. Have you not received your package in time? Simply contact us at orders@remote-control-world.eu or via chat window bellow.

Please take into account that selling remote controls it is not so easy as selling pastry or T-shirts. Remote control is an accessory of a product. Often even the brand original producer does not know which remote type belongs to which device model especially when it is discontinued for longer time. We know!
If you receive the new remote from us and it does not work, it can happen, we don't not say "we are infallible" because nobody is. 
There may be many reasons why the new remote does not work e.g.: weak batteries; some remotes have so called "modes" so just to switch the modes fixes the problem; some devices can exist in 2 versions each needs different remote type; you have choosen your new remote by RC case design but two remotes which looks the same need not to have the same codes, or our fault we could make a misstake while programming the remote (we can fix it by sending a new configuration file to you to update your remote); there may be a problem with the device IR receiver unit (not often but we have met this issue few times) and many more.
 Jacob, Thomas and Adam are your partners and they will allways find the problem and they allways have a solution to provide you with fully working remote. They will give you helping hand, either fix the problem online on chat or send you new parcel or money back. Many online chats end with exclamation: "Great, now it works perfectly with my device!"

Do you want to give us a negative review? Please hold on, first contact us and let us fix everything, you can post your review at any time later.

Money back
A negative review breakes our hearts. We have shipped about over 500 000 orders from 2009 to 2019. 6 000 of our satisfied customers gave us 98 % recommendation.

We can give you money back (shipping included) but we preffer to find a solution for your problem with remote control. Our goal is to provide you with 100% working remote control which will be exactly the same as your old broken original remote. 

Kate is The RC Queen. Kate, Jacob and Tom made most of thousands programs for our DUPLICATE remote controls. Always precise and concentrated to solve problem. If you buy a General remote control - you will get her know-how. She designed it. Completelly. From sketch to prototype and final product. She says her IQ is 150 but we think she lies. It must be over 200. Our team is now developing a remote control with display. One remote control special for aAIR-condition devices (it has just been finished) and TV/Audio/Video devices (available in  2020) 
 In one piece. It is just beatifull piece with display. 

Twenty years of experience
Kate and Jakub created a really unique database. It contains thousands of remote controls programs. 
It has been long process but now we have the biggest and most actual database of remote controls in the world. Industrial revolution - remember? It means Kate and Jakub take ORIGINAL remote and read its IR signal or IC/chip data into their IR protocol analyzer SW (if original RC not available they use service documentation). Button by button. More than 8000 remotes. Then they analyze the RC signal, define its transmitting protocol, setup the RC program into one file which can be used to programm our GENERAL remote controls. So you will get always 100 % functions of the ORIGINAL remote control even though it is almost twenty years old, discontinued, exotic or rare.  
We are proud of this solution. We have a solution for all RC types duplication thanks to our development. The remote type we don't have in our offer today, we can develop, design, customize and programm for you tomorrow. So powerful is our SW and HW solution. 

It is crazy. We help people in USA, Australia, Great Britain, India, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Finland and more. There's over 200 countries in the World. We ship to most of them. From Albania to Zambia. Isn't it crazy? 
We send our durable remote controls  in bubble envelope so the postage is cheap onl
y about 5EUR/5,5USD worldwide.

Custom made RC
We do our best. But this one is better than the best. We can replace EVERY remote control ever made. Oh, General RC can. GENERAL is a perfect solution for most remotes which were discontinued. It is our baby. We can configure GENERAL to control up to 4 or 6 devices. We can customize and print its button names to be the same as original RC button names. Go to live chat and just tell to Adam, Thomas or Jakub what device do you want to control.
By the way, GENERAL can control everything. GENERAL controls.  

But, please, don’t tell him. He doesn’t like that joke… 

Go to reviews or just ask our specialist - chat window at right bottom corner. 

VAT Elec
tronic, ltd., started in 1991 by Ing. Jaromír Narozny (Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Brno University of Technology) the best Ostrava's city TV repairmen. His daughter Bc. Kateřina Narozna-Kulhankova (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, VŠB-TUO) also used to repair TV for some time with her father, but now she only dedicates her effort to developing and design remote controls and she leads the company since 2009 until today. 
Until 2012 we only run our Czech and Slovak remote controls webshop: www.dalkove-ovladace.cz.
Independent reviews of our Czech republic eshop

There was a big demand from foreign customers for remote control models which are not available to obtain anywhere in their country and we had such models in our Czech warehouse, we decided to open www.remote-control-world.eu webshop for all the world. 



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