SATTELITE ELEC remote control duplicate

SATTELITE ELEC remote control duplicate SATTELITE ELEC remote control duplicate SATTELITE ELEC remote control duplicate
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Warranty terms: Brand new, 2 years guarantee,
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Manufactured by: SATTELITE ELEC

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Duplicate 1:1 of the original remote control SATTELITE ELEC 

Remote control is dedicated for SATTELITE ELEC device models: JY199I, JY199I-L, JY199I, JY199I-L, JY199I-2, MI99A-1, MI99A-2, MI16A, MI32A, MI52A, MI25B

Remote control General BAR Duplicate has exactly the same functions and the same button names as the original remote control. No setup needed, no codes needed, just insert batteries and it is ready to use with the models listed above.

This remote control is available on registered brand remote control General BAR Duplicate (seen on the left side)

•   This is a dedicated replacement remote control (NOT a generic Universal RC!).
•   Performs all functions of your genuine RC.
•   The same button names as original RC.
•   The button names printing is abrasive resistant. Not possible to remove by normal usage.
•   24 months guarantee

General BAR Duplicate remote control has been designed and made according to the original remote control button by button. The remote is designed, produced and tested in Czech Republic, Europe. All General-Duplicate remotes are CE and ROHS compliant

EASY AND INTUITIVE USE: Unlike other ‚generic/universal replacement remotes the General BAR Duplicate RC buttons are all 100% LABELLED correctly.
Compare: other generic replacements have standard button layout (to save costs) with incorrectly labelled buttons and therefore need instructions to tell what each button function is. This can lead to confusion and constantly referring back to the manual can be highly inconvenient for the end user. General BAR duplicate RC buttons do exactly what they are labelled to do so no need to constantly refer to manuals and instruction sheets. No need to read manuals with General BAR Duplicate!

100% FUNCTIONS GUARANTEED: Unlike generic replacements, each individual General BAR Duplicate remote control is custom-designed to operate EVERY function of the original remote that they replace. The case style itself has been designed for sturdiness and reliability whilst the buttons and text are optimised for visibility and ease of use. The materials and components used for the remote are carefully specified to produce a reliable product and undertake vigorous testing to ensure long term use. Button names are printed by an advanced technology in our Czech warehouse (our own know-how). The printing is extremely durable and cannot be wiped off or scratched.

We can create any remote control for every device model in the world! 
Seriously, even exotic, very old or brand new remotes that are not being offered in our shop (yet) are not impossible to produce on demand (total price 15-20 EURO)

General DUPLICATE = the best remote control replacement solution. RECOMENDED!

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