SHARP SHW/RMC/0102N (0003N) - genuine original remote control

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Part number:SHW/RMC/0102N-0003N-original
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Warranty terms: Brand new, 2 years guarantee,
accepting returns within 30 days

Delivery to EU: 2 to 7 days, non-EU: 2-20 days


Brand new genuine remote control SHARP SHW/RMC/0102N (0003N).

Remote control is dedicated for SHARP device models: 49F6032EB00C, 49F6032KB00C, A32CF6131EB399, A32CF6131KB399, A32CF6241EB471, A32CF6241KB471, A32CF6242EB03T, A32CF6242EB471, A32CF6352EB472, A3A32F6131E399, A40CF6131EB399, A40CF6131KB399, A40CF6132EB399, A40CF6132EB482, A40CF6241EB489, A40CF6241KB416, A40CF6242EB03F, A40CF6242EB416, A40CF6351EB316, A40CF6352EB416, A43CF6131EB03I, A43CF6131EB383, A43CF6131KB02L, A43CF6131KB383, A43CF6132EB03K, A43CF6132EB383, A43CF6132EB494, A43CF6242EB474 , A43CF6242EB474, A43CF6351EB475, A43CF6352EB03J, A43CF6352EB475, A43SF7331EB00D, A43SF7332EB03G, A43SF7332EB476, A43SF7452EB03H, A43SF7452EB476, A49CF6031KB383, A49CF6032EB00V, A49CF6032EB08O, A49CF6032EB383, A49CF6032KB383, A49CF6241EB478, A49CF6241KB478, A49CF6242EB00B, A49CF6242EB478, A49CF6352EB478, A49CF6452EB02B, A49SF7332EB00F, A49SF7332EB479, A49SF7451EB03O, A49SF7451EB479, A49SF7452EB479, A4A32F6131E399, A4A32F6131K399, A4A40F6131E399, A4A40F6131K399, A4A40F6132E399, A4A43F6131E383, A4A43F6131K383, A4A43F6132E383, A4A49F6032E383, A4A49F6032K383, A55CF6241EB04R, A55CF6241EB07F, A55CF6241KB480, A55CF6242EB01V, A55CF6242EB03Q, A55CF6242EB480, A55CF6352EB03P, A55CF6352EB480, A55CF6452EB03R, A55SF7332EB06W, A55SF7332EB07S, A55SF7332EB481, A55SF7452EB481, B32CF6131KB399, B32CF6242EB01W, B32CF6242EB03T, B32CF6242EB471, B32CF6242EBR01, B32CF6352EB472, B32CF6452EB01Y, B40CF6241KB416, B40CF6242EB03F, B40CF6351KB02M, B40CF6352EB416, B40CF6452EB01Z, B43CF6131EB03I, B43CF6131KB02L, B43CF6131KB03K, B43CF6131KB383, B43CF6132EB383, B43CF6242EB03M, B43CF6242EB474, B43CF6351EB03L, B43CF6351EB475, B43CF6352EB03J, B43CF6352EB475, B43CF6452EB02A, B43SF7332EB03G, B43SF7332EB476, B43SF7452EB03H, B43SF7452EB476, B49CF6032EB00V, B49CF6032EB02Z, B49CF6032EB06N, B49CF6032EB08O, B49CF6032EB383, B49CF6032KB02I, B49CF6032KB383, B49CF6241EB478, B49CF6242EB00B, B49CF6242EB478, B49CF6452EB02B, B49SF7332EB06M, B49SF7332EB479, B49SF7451EB03O, B49SF7451EB06L, B55CF6241EB04R, B55CF6241EB07F, B55CF6241KB03B, B55CF6241KB480, B55CF6242EB01V, B55CF6242EB03B, B55CF6242EB03Q, B55CF6242EB04U, B55CF6242EB480, B55CF6352EB03P, B55CF6452EB02C, B55CF6452EB03R, B55SF7332EB06W, B55SF7332EB07S, B55SF7332EB481, B55SF7452EB00F, B55SF7452EB06U, B55SF7452EB06V, B55SF7452EB481, C32CF6131KB399, C32CF6242EB01W, C32CF6242EB03T, C32CF6242EB471, C40CF6132EB482, C43CF6131KB02L, C43CF6131KB383, C43CF6242EB03M, C43CF6352EB03J, C43CF6352EB475, C43SF7332EB476, C43SF7452EB03H, C49CF6032EB00V, C49CF6032EB06N, C49CF6032EB08O, C49CF6032EB383, C49CF6242EB00B, C49SF7332EB06M, C49SF7332EB479, C49SF7451EB03O, C55CF6241EB04R, C55CF6241EB07F, C55CF6241KB03B, C55CF6241KB480, C55CF6242EB01V, C55CF6242EB03Q, C55CF6242EB480, C55CF6352EB03P, C55CF6352EB480, C55CF6452EB03R, C55SF7332EB481, C55SF7452EB481, D32CF6131KB399, D32CF6242EB01W, D32CF6242EB03T, D32CF6242EB471, D32CF6242EBR01, D40CF6242EB03F, D43CF6131KB383, D43SF7332EB476, D43SF7452EB03H, D49CF6032EB383, D49CF6242EB478, D49SF7332EB06M, D49SF7451EB03O, D55CF6241EB04R, D55CF6241EB07F, D55CF6242EB01V, D55CF6242EB03Q, D55CF6352EB480, D55SF7452EB00F, E32CF6242EB03T, E40CF6242EB03F, E43SF7332EB476, E49CF6032EB383, F32CF6242EB03T, F40CF6242EB03F, F49CF6032EB383, G40CF6242EB03F, H40CF6242EB03F, I40CF6242EB03F, J40CF6242EB03F, K40CF6242EB416, K40CF6351KB416, K40CF6352EB416, K43CF6352EB475, LC-43CFE6242E, V40CF6242EB416, V40CF6352EB416, V43CF6352EB475, XA49CF6242EBOC, XA55CF6242EB1C, XB32CF6131EB0C, XB436132E03K, XB43CF6452EB, XB49CF6452EB0C, XC49CF6032EB0C, XC55CF6352EB0C, XH49CF6032EB0C, Y40CF6241KB416, Y40CF6241KBR01, Y40CF6242EB416, Y40CF6352EB416, Y43CF6351EB475, Y43CF6352EB475, Y49CF6241KB478. (There may not be listed all compatible models. If you are not sure, just tell us your device model (by online chat, email), we will promptly check, verify if compatible. The verified compatibility is quaranteed by us.)

This remote control has been replaced by an original genuine SHARP AQUOS SHW/RMC/0003N remote control. It is fully compatible and has the same design as the functions (shown on the left).


There are 2 pairing methods.

1.      Simultaneously press the yellow and green buttons and keep them both pressed for at least 3 seconds.

2.      A message will pop up on the screen stating that the TV is pairing with the remote control. In another few seconds, the driver is paired and should work.

If that doesn't work, you need to go through a kind of more complex pairing process:

1.      Turn on the TV using the STANDBY button on the TV (not on the remote control).

2.       After turning on the TV, press the STANDBY button on the TV again, the PAIRING MENU will appear on the screen.

3.       Scroll through the menu using the CH + or CH- buttons (on the TV) and highlight "Pair your remote control"

4.      then press the TV set’s STANDBY button (OK function in the menu) to confirm your selection.

5.       Then simultaneously press and hold the GREEN and YELLOW buttons on the remote control at the same time for at least 3 seconds.

6.      The power light flashes 5 times to confirm the pairing of the TV and the remote control.

If that doesn't work, try pressing the BLUE and YELLOW buttons at the same time instead of GREEN + YELLOW.

It is a brand new ORIGINAL RF (radio) remote control, so it needs to be paired with the device (all radio remotes need pairing). The pairing method is described in the user manual.



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