SAMSUNG AA59-00772A - magic remote control - replacement

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Brand new magic (2.4G RF) fully compatible replacement of the remote control SAMSUNG AA59-00772A (AA5900772A) with integrated keyboard and learninig function.

Remote control is dedicated for SAMSUNG device models: PN51F5500, PN51F5500AF, PN51F5500AFXZA, PN60F5500, PN60F5500AF, PN60F5500AFXZA, PN64F5500, PN64F5500AF, PN64F5500AFXZA, UN40F6400, UN40F6400AF, UN40F6400AFXZA, UN46F6400, UN46F6400AFXZA, UN46F6800, UN46F6800AF, UN46F6800AFXZA, UN46F7050A, UN46F7050AFXZA, UN46F7100, UN46F7100AF, UN46F7100AFXZA, UN46F7450, UN46F7450AFXZA, UN50F6400, UN50F6400AF, UN50F6400AFXZA, UN50F6800, UN50F6800AF, UN50F6800AFXZA, UN55F6400, UN55F6400AF, UN55F6400AFXZA, UN55F6800, UN55F6800AF, UN55F6800AFXZA, UN55F7050A, UN55F7050AF, UN55F7050AFXZA, UN55F7100, UN55F7100AF, UN55F7100AFXZA, UN55F7100AFXZC, UN55F7450, UN55F7450AFXZA, UN60F6400, UN60F6400AF, UN60F6400AFXZA, UN60F7050A, UN60F7050AF, UN60F7050AFXZA, UN60F7100, UN60F7100AF, UN60F7100AFXZA, UN60F7450, UN60F7450AFXZA, UN65F6400, UN65F6400AFXZA, UN65F7050A, UN65F7050AF, UN65F7050AFXZA, UN65F7100, UN65F7100AF, UN65F7100AFXZA, UN75F6400, UN75F6400AF, UN75F6400AFXZA, UN75F6400CF, UN75F6400CFXZA, UN75F7100A, UN75F7100AF, UN75F7100AFXZA. (There may not be listed all compatible models. If you are not sure, just tell us your device model (by online chat, email), we will promptly check, verify if compatible. The verified compatibility is quaranteed by us.)

The replacement remote control is supplied in a version of a luxury multifunctional air mouse General MAGIC with an integrated keyboard. (shown on the left). The remote control is already configured by us for the above listed models. No setup or coding needed.


2.4G flying air-mouse (gyroscope), RF & Wireless keyboard + IR remote control with learning function (3in1).


  • Plug USB dongle into your TV, wait few seconds untill arrow appears on the screen and you can start using it. USB dongle included and already paired. No aditional pairing needed.
  • General MAGIC does not require any setup, from you, the remote will come to you already configured for your SMART TV. Unpack, insert batteries and control! However, you can still customize the settings of the General Magic remote to your needs (if you are bored watching TV :-)
  • General MAGIC works as well as learning universal remote control. You can learn IR codes from any of your other devices – DVD, BLUE-RAY, AVR etc. So that you can easily control all your devices with one General SMART remote control.
  • General MAGIC acts as a flying mouse. Thanks to the integrated gyroscope it allows magic motion control by moving your hand holding the remote. It's like having a PC mouse in your hand that doesn't lie on the mouse-pad but moving it in space. It is also possible to adjust the motion speed of the on-screen cursor.
  • The keyboard on the back side for easy searching and using applications and internet.
  • The remote does not have voice control!
  • General MAGIC has got 7 colours of backlight which you are able to change very easily. Choose the colour you like the most! RC remembers the settings.
  • Suitable for Windows, Mac OS, Android, Linux.
  • Perfect sensitivity and transmitting range over 15 metres thanks to radio technology.
  • English manual included.
  • Battery – 2x AAA



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