PHILIPS YKF348-001, 996590020164 - genuine original remote control

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Brand new genuine remote control PHILIPS YKF348-001, 996590020164 (YKF348001, 996590020164 ).

Remote control is dedicated for PHILIPS device models: 20PHH4109, 20PHH4109/88, 22PFH4000, 22PFH4109, 22PFH4109/88, 22PFK4000, 22PFK4109, 22PFK4209, 22PFS4031, 22PFS4232, 22PFT4000, 22PFT4109, 23PHH4009, 23PHH4109, 23PHK4009, 23PHT4009, 24PHH4000, 24PHH4109, 24PHH4109/88, 24PHK4000, 24PHK4109, 24PHT4000, 24PHT4109, 28PHH4109, 28PHH4109/88, 32PFH4100, 32PFH4109, 32PFH4309, 32PFH4399, 32PFH5300, 32PFH5509/88, 32PFK4100, 32PFK4109, 32PFK4309, 32PFK5109, 32PFK5509/12, 32PFK5709/12, 32PFS4132, 32PFS5709/12, 32PFT4100, 32PFT4131, 32PFT4131/12, 32PFT4309, 32PFT5300, 32PFT5300/12, 32PFT5509/12, 32PHH4100, 32PHH4109, 32PHH4200, 32PHH4309, 32PHH4319, 32PHH4329, 32PHH4509/88, 32PHK4100, 32PHK4109, 32PHK4309, 32PHK4509/12, 32PHS4132/12, 32PHS5301/12, 32PHT4100, 32PHT4101/12, 32PHT4109, 32PHT4131/12, 32PHT4200, 32PHT4309, 32PHT4319, 32PHT4509/12, 39PFH4100, 40PFH4009, 40PFH4100, 40PFH4101/88, 40PFH4109, 40PFH4200, 40PFH4309, 40PFH4319, 40PFH4329, 40PFH4399, 40PFH4509/88, 40PFH5300, 40PFH5509, 40PFH5509/88, 40PFK4009, 40PFK4100, 40PFK4200, 40PFK4309, 40PFK4509/12, 40PFK5109, 40PFK5509/12, 40PFK5709/12, 40PFK6409/12, 40PFS5709/12, 40PFS6409/12, 40PFT4009, 40PFT4100, 40PFT4109, 40PFT4200, 40PFT4309, 40PFT4319, 40PFT4509/12, 40PFT5300, 40PFT5509/12, 40PUK6809/12, 40PUS6809/12, 40PUS6809/60, 40PUS6809/60 UZ, 42PFH5609/88, 42PFH6109, 42PFH6109/88, 42PFK6109/12, 42PFK6589/12, 42PFT5609/12, 42PFT6109/12, 42PFT6509/56, 42PFT6509/98, 42PFT6509S/98, 43PFT4131/12, 47PFH4109, 47PFH5609/88, 47PFH6109/88, 47PFK4109, 47PFT4109, 47PFT5609/12, 47PFT5609/60, 47PTF6309/12, 48PFH4100, 48PFH5509/88, 48PFK4100, 48PFK5109, 48PFK5509/12, 48PFK5709/12, 48PFK6409/12, 48PFS5709/12, 48PFS6409/12, 48PFT4100, 48PFT5509/12, 49PFS5301/12, 50PFH4009, 50PFH4109, 50PFH4309, 50PFH4319, 50PFH4329, 50PFH4509/88, 50PFH5300, 50PFK4009, 50PFK4109, 50PFK4309, 50PFK4509/12, 50PFT4009, 50PFT4109, 50PFT4309, 50PFT4319, 50PFT4509-12, 50PFT4509/12, 50PFT6509/56, 50PFT6509S/98, 50PUK6809/12, 50PUS6809/12, 50PUS6809/60, 50PUS6809/60 UZ, 55PFH5509/88, 55PFH5609/88, 55PFH6109/88, 55PFK5109, 55PFK5509/12, 55PFK5709/12, 55PFK6409/12, 55PFS5709/12, 55PFS6409/12, 55PFT5509/12, 55PFT5609/12, 55PSU6809, 58PUK6809/12, 58PUS6809/12, 65PFK5909, 65PFK5909/12, 65PFS5909/12, H4000, H4009, H4109, H4309, H4319, H4329, H4399, H4509, H5609, H6109, K4000, K4109, K4209, K4309, K4509, K5109, K5509, K5709, K5909, K6409, K6809, S5909, S6409, S6809, T4000, T4009, T4109, T4309, T4319, T4509, T5609, T6509, T6509S. (There may not be listed all compatible models. If you are not sure, just tell us your device model (by online chat, email), we will promptly check, verify if compatible. The verified compatibility is quaranteed by us.)

This remote control has been replaced by an original genuine PHILIPS YKF406-002 remote control. It is fully compatible and has the same design and functions (shown on the left).

The new version has NETFLIX function added.

It is a brand new genuine OEM original remote, so it does not need any pairing, setting up or any codes. Just insert batteries and it works with all the models listed above.



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