SONY J-6090-203A SERVICE - service remote control, replacement

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Part number:J-6090-203A-premium
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Warranty terms: Brand new, 2 years guarantee,
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Replacement SERVICE remote control SONY J-6090-203A SERVICE (J6090203A SERVICE) - 100% replacement 1:1 of the original remote control. You can edit or access service mode with this remote control.

Instructions for HDD formatting:

Plug the machine back to the electricity supply, after pressing the power button should see “E01” on a LED display. Don’t Panic!!!

1. Pull out and then reconnect the AC cable.

2. Press “ESC” key followed by “P.RUN” key to start Formatting.

3. When “B COMPLETE” appears, the Factory Check is complete. Now turn the unit back on again and check your title list, depending on which drive you have installed you should see something like this “218 Hours SP“ for a 500 Gb HDD or „433 Hours SP“ for a 1 Tb HDD.


This is a simplified diagnosis for the HDD. A serious failure in the HDD can be detected by this test. Time required for testing: Approx. 60 sec. 

How to start/terminate the diagnostic program 

Use the service remote control!

To start, press “ESC”, “CX” (CX=SUBTITE on General Premium), “0”, and “1” keys simultaneously. To terminate, press “ESC” key.

This remote control is available on branded remote control General Premium (shown on the left). We guarantee that the remote control will perform all the functions of the original RC.

It is not an universal remote but dedicated for models listed above. No setup, no pairing needed, just insert batteries and it works. Look at the function map on the product picture to make sure that all the functions are available.

  • This is dedicated replacement remote control (not a generic "Universal RC").
  • Performs exactly all the functions of the original RC.
  • 24 months guarantee.
  • User manual with button functions is included.

ADDITIONAL FUNCTION: This remote control can be programmed on 1-4 devices (4 in total). You will be able to control several different devices with the same remote control. If you write us your other device models into the order comment, we will program the controller for all of them. For this service additional service fee 2 EUR will be charged: see details

In the case that you replace your home electronics in the future, we are able to reprogram this controller for absolutely any new device (s). The General remote control will survive your existing device!



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