Sony J-6090-203-A replacement remote control

(VAT 21%)
14.7 EUR
Part number:J-6090-203A-generalPremium
Availability:> 10 pieces in stock
Warranty terms: Brand new, 2 years guarantee,
accepting returns within 30 days
Manufactured by: SONY

Delivery to EU: 2 to 7 days, non-EU: 2-20 days



Replacement remote control Sony J-6090-203A, J6090203A, J-6090-203-A​ Master,63124

for devices RDR-AT100, RDR-AT105, RDR-AT107 , RDR-AT200, RDR-AT205, RDRHX650, RDRHX680,RDRHX780, RDRHX980, RDR-HX680, RDR-HX780, RDR-HX980, RDRHXD990, RDR-HXD990. 
This RC is convenient for formatting the replaced HDD! Tested, verified.  Instructions for HDD formatting bellow..

This remote control is available on brand marked remote control General PREMIUM (seen on the left side
No set up is required. All functions available to use as on original remote control.                       

  • This is dedicated replacement remote control (not a generic "Universal RC").
  • Performs all functions of your genuine RC.
  • Never needs setup procedure (even when you change batteries). All you have to do is put in the batteries.
  • 12 months guarantee

Basic manual included

Instructions for HDD formatting:

Now plug the machine back to the mains supply, after pressing the power button you will
get “E01” display in the fluorescent display. Don’t Panic!!!
Now power off the unit with the front power button and press “ESC" (=EXIT on General Premium) followed by
“P.Run” (SHIFT+STOP on General Premium) on the service remote. The unit will now go into diagnostics mode for about 5 minutes; at the end of this process the fluorescent display will display “B Complete”.
Now power the unit back on again and check your title list, depending upon which drive
you have installed you will see something like this
218 Hours SP for a 500 Gb HDD
433 Hours SP for a 1 Tb HDD.

This is a simplified diagnosis for the HDD. A serious failure in the HDD can be detected with this test. Time required for testing: Approx. 60 sec.

How to start/terminate the diagnostic program
Use the remote control unit for servicing.
• How to start: Press “ESC”, “CX” (CX=SUBTITE on General Premium), “0”, and “1” keys simultaneously.
How to terminate: Press “ESC” key.



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