NORMSTAHL RCU433-2, RCU433-4 - radio (RF) remote control - duplicate

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Part number:RCU433-2-RCU433-4-nahr
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Warranty terms: Brand new, 2 years guarantee,
accepting returns within 30 days

Delivery to EU: 2 to 7 days, non-EU: 2-20 days


Spare remote controller NORMSTAHL RCU433-2, RCU433-4 (RCU4332, RCU4334) - 100% replacement for original remote controller.

Remote control is dedicated for NORMSTAHL device models: RCU433-2, RCU433-4, RCU4332, RCU4334. (There may not be listed all compatible models. If you are not sure, just tell us your device model (by online chat, email), we will promptly check, verify if compatible. The verified compatibility is quaranteed by us.)

  • It is a fully-fledged spare remote controller (It is not „universal“).
  • The remote controller is guaranteed for 2 years.

You will receive a remote controller ready to use. The only thing you have to do is register the remote controller to control unit of engine/drive.

Process of registering remote controller to control unit:

  1. Press both arrow buttons on the drive unit simultaneously. The flashing command „F0“ will appear on the display.
  2. Now you have ten seconds to log in the remote control. For the whole period of ten seconds the command „F0“ will be flashing. Attach the remote control close to the drive unit and on the remote control press the selected button you need to log in. Keep this button pressed for about three seconds.
  3. After a successfull log in of the remote control three dashes will be seen on the display again.

This remote control is out of the stock now. Will be restocked within 5-10 days. For detailed information please contact us.



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