UFON - remote control extender RF transmitter built in battery

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General UFON converts any common infrared (IR) remote control into radio (RF) remote. Just replace one battery in your existing controller with a special UFON battery and you have now added RF (radio frequency) to your existing AA or AAA remote controls. The remote will work through the walls, doors, floors all over your house. You don't have to point at the device at all, giving you the freedom to go from room to room. 

UFON works works with every standart IR remote control with AA or AAA battery – either for TV, DVD, home theatre, VCR etc.

Are you not satisfied with the range and sensitivity of your remote control? You have to point directly at your device while standing close to it? UFON is a solution! With General UFON you do not need to point at all! This Remote extender kit enables you to control any device through wall, ceiling or through any other obstacle without pointing. It also solves the problem with remote controls interference for operation of multiple same-brand remotes in the same home.

 Plug & Play - as easy as replacing a battery: 

  1. Insert one of the two supplied (included) mini-AA batteries into the AAA battery size sleeve marked "Transmitter"
  2. Replace one standart AAA battery in your remote control with the mini-AAA battery trasmitter. If your controller works with AA battery then use the supplied AA adapter - insert the assembled transmitter into the AA adapter to replace the AA battery in your remote.
  3. place the receiver (UFON shape) in front of the device you want to control, if this is not possible, connect the IR eye cable with UFON and place the IR eye in front of the device.
  4. Connect the UFON to the power supply using the supplied power supplier.

You have now converted your standart IR remote to RF just by replacing the battery!

 Advantages - comparison with other (non-battery) IR signal extenders  (e.g. IRB-620U, Nedis IREX050, IREX100BK, DExon NS50, One for all URC1000, IR-3000 aj.)

  1. With standart extenders you have to point the remote control at the IR/RF receiver/transmitter sensor, then the received IR signal is internally converted into the RF signal.
  2. This is captured by the receiver in the next room, then the receiver converts the signal back to IR signal which is transmitted via sensors placed in direct reach of receiving sensor of the controlled device.

RF transmission using this UFON battery kit is different in the first part, which does not exist. There is no need of any IR/RF receiver/transmitter sensor. The RF signal is generated directly in your remote control, so your remote control does not have to transmit any IR signal at all (your can cover or remove the IR LED diode of you remote - the remote will still control your device).


RF transmitter is integrated in the UFON battery. Battery charger is integrated in the receiver (UFO shape). UFON transmitts your remote's signal up to 30 metres dependign on how many walls it has to go through. 

General UFON is small and has nice design – no more hanging wires or ugly solutions! Also if you like to, you can put General UFON into the cabinet with your devices and hide it as well!

We highly recommend:

to combine General UFON with the multi-device remote control General Premium or other GENERAL remote controls. With GENERAL remote control you will be able to control up to 4 devices by using only one remote control and only one UFON.

General remote controls could be found here - please click: General remote controls

Technical parametres:

  • Transmitting range: up to 30m
  • Frequency: 433,92 MHz
  • Bateries: AA or AAA (adaptor included)
  • Power supply: input: 230 V A/C 50 Hz, output: DC 12 V, 150 mA
  • Power supply adaptor (EU) included.



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