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Part number:Programmer-GENERAL
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Warranty terms: Brand new, 2 years guarantee,
accepting returns within 30 days

Delivery to EU: 2 to 7 days, non-EU: 2-20 days



Please note, that to normal customers we supply only a cut-down user version without advanced options: updating and expanding the database, comparing and analyzing codes /protocols are missing. Professional version is available only to our proved service partners, if you want the professional version, personal contact and agreement.is needed.

 It is also possible to program GENERAL**** for TV, DVD, VCR ,SAT, DVB-T, AUX, HIFI, AV receiver, projector, camera and others by IR controled devices. By this remote control you can control up to 4 different devices.

 The operating software includes until this date of database update 420 000 codes. Other codes which you have not eventually found in our database will be made on your request by copying any remote control from our warehouse. We are able to copy any customer´s remote control on request.The source code for programming the remote control can be send by email as TXT file.
This remote control proved functional for different atypical device which can not be bought anywhere, and especially, for various atypical SAT or DVB-T receivers.

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