GENERAL PREMIUM remote control programmed ON-DEMAND for 4 devices

GENERAL PREMIUM remote control programmed ON-DEMAND for 4 devices GENERAL PREMIUM remote control programmed ON-DEMAND for 4 devices GENERAL PREMIUM remote control programmed ON-DEMAND for 4 devices
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Warranty terms: Brand new, 2 years guarantee,
accepting returns within 30 days
Manufactured by: GENERAL

Delivery to EU: 2 to 7 days, non-EU: 2-20 days



To be programmed for (write your brand and model):

Multi purpose remote control GENERAL PREMIUM with advanced functions. The only universal remote control which really works for almost all remote controls on the European  market. Currently on 1. May 2017 database contains over 450 thousand models of  TV, VCR, DVD, SAT, DVB-T, HiFi, PVR ETA…..We are continuously expanding our database according to our customers´ wishes, demands and suggestions.The models of your devices for which you wish to set up the General enter into the comments in your order.

And why should you buy our GENERAL PREMIUM? Here are 8 benefits in comparison with the universal remote control from the market:
1) We will deliver you the GENERAL PREMIUM already set up to 4 different devices exactly according to your requirements. Write in the comments the brand and model of your TV, DVD, SAT, DVB-T, HiFi, home theatre etc., and you do not have to worry anymore. YOU SIMPLY INSERT THE BATTERIES and you can control all you home electronics by one remote control.
2) The programmed remote control has the same features as the original remote control including all special functions (setting, tuning, switching inputs, DVB-T, etc..)
3) We guarantee the full functionality of the GENERAL* for the devices given by the customer.No more universal remote controls from the supermarket, which either does not work at all or at best, only the basic functions (like power on / off, sound) operate but nothing else!
4) Button layout is intuitive and corresponds to the markings (ie. it cannot happen that, for example, the MENU button would start the teletext, etc.)
5) GENERAL* holds the settings even if the batteries are removed.
6)For better orientation is to every GENERAL* attached manual describing the distribution of buttons functions.                                                                                                                         
7) GENERAL* is absolutely faultless and fall resistant remote control. 2 years guarantee.           
8) This remote control will grow old with you. In the future we can whenever reprogrammeit to any other device according to replacement of your home electronics over the years.
Software is made in the Czech Republic. Everything is our own production and development.!                             
Note: this remote control is not the same as its visually similar type sold by competition under the name MADE FOR YOU and this remote control is not compatible with it. Our GENERAL* has 4 times wider database of models, and moreover, if by chance we do not have some code in the database, we are able, on the initiative of the customer, supply it there within 24 hours (we will produce the code for you). So our database is infinite. Made for you is, in contrast, an ordinary PC programmable remote control like any other universal remote control, so the probability that it will contain the code for your device is as low as for the other universal remote controls.
This GENERAL PREMIUM could be set up for up to 4 devices 
Programming of your new remote usually takes about 3-14 days!



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