AA59-00445, AA59-00465, AA59-0508, AA59-00510, AA59-00581 replacement remote control classic

(VAT 21%)
15.1 EUR
Part number:Classic-IRC87050
Availability:4 Pieces in stock
Warranty terms: Brand new, 2 years guarantee,
accepting returns within 30 days
Manufactured by: CLASSIC

Delivery to EU: 2 to 7 days, non-EU: 2-20 days



This replacement remote control AA59-00445, AA59-00465, AA59-0508, AA59-00510, AA59-00581 is not an universal RC, no setup required. You simply insert the batteries and can immediately start using it. This replacement remote control has the same functions as the original remote control and you use it in the same way, you were used to. Functionally it corresponds exactly to the original. It has the same button names and button layout. Besides all original functions it also includes some special features. 2 years guarantee. The manufacturer is German company Classic. Classic remote control has an outstanding quality and zero complaints. (IRC87050)

For devices: T23A750, T27A750, T27A950, PS51D6900DK, PS51D6900DM, PS51D6900DS, PS51D6905DK, PS51D6910DS, PS51D6915DK, PS51D6980DS, PS51D7000DS, PS51D7005DK, PS59D6900DK, PS59D6900DM, PS59D6900DS, PS59D6905DK, PS59D6910DS, PS59D6980DS, PS59D7000DS, PS59D7005DK, UA40D6400UM, UA40D6400UN, UA40D6600WJ, UA40D6600WM, UA40D6600WN, UA40D6600WS, UA46D6400UJ, UA46D6400UM, UA46D6400UN, UA46D6600WJ, UA46D6600WM, UA46D6600WN, UA46D6600WS, UA55D6400UJ, UA55D6400UM, UA55D6400UN, UA55D6600WM, UA55D6600WN, UA55D6600WS, UA60D6600VJ, UA60D6600VM, UA60D6600VN, UE32D6500VS, UE32D6505VS, UE32D6507VK, UE32D6530WK, UE32D6530WS, UE32D6535WS, UE32D6537WK, UE32D6540US, UE32D6547UK, UE32D6570WS, UE32D6575WS, UE32D6577WK, UE32D6750WK, UE32D6750WS, UE32D6755WS, UE32D6757WK, UE32D6770WS, UE32D6780WS, UE37D6500VS, UE37D6505VS, UE37D6507VK, UE37D6530WK, UE37D6530WS, UE37D6535WS, UE37D6537WK, UE37D6540US, UE37D6570WS, UE37D6575WS, UE37D6577WK, UE37D6750WK, UE37D6750WS, UE37D6755WS, UE37D6757WK, UE37D6770WS, UE40D6500VS, UE40D6505VS, UE40D6507VK, UE40D6530WK, UE40D6530WS, UE40D6535WS, UE40D6537WK, UE40D6540US, UE40D6545US, UE40D6547UK, UE40D6570WS, UE40D6575WS, UE40D6577WK, UE40D6750WK, UE40D6750WS, UE40D6755WS, UE40D6757WK, UE40D6770WS, UE40D6780WS, UE46D6500VS, UE46D6505VS, UE46D6507VK, UE46D6530WK, UE46D6530WS, UE46D6535WS, UE46D6537WK, UE46D6540US, UE46D6545US, UE46D6547UK, UE46D6570WS, UE46D6575WS, UE46D6577WK, UE46D6750WK, UE46D6750WS, UE46D6755WS, UE46D6757WK, UE46D6770WS, UE46D6780WS, UE55D6500VS, UE55D6505VS, UE55D6507VK, UE55D6530WK, UE55D6530WS, UE55D6535WS, UE55D6537WK, UE55D6570WS, UE55D6575WS, UE55D6577WK, UE55D6750WK, UE55D6750WS, UE55D6755WS, UE55D6757WK, UE55D6770WS, UE55D6780WS, UE60D6500VS, UE60D6505VK, UE60D6505VS, UE32D5000PW, UE32D4000NW, UE19D4000NW, UE22D5000NW, UE27D5000NW, UE32D4020NW, UE32D5800VW, UE37D5000PW, UE40D5000PW, UE40D5800VW, UE46D5000PW, HE40A, ME40A, HE46A, ME46A, ME55A, T20A350, T22A350, T22A550, T23A350, T23A550, T24A350, T24A550, T27A550, UA22D5000NJ, UA22D5000NM, UA27D5000NJ, UA27D5000NM, UA32D4000NJ, UA32D4000NM, UA32D4000NW, UA32D5000PJ, UA32D5000PM, UA32D5000PW, UA32D5800VJ, UA37D5000PJ, UA37D5000PM, UA40D5000PJ, UA40D5000PM, UA40D5000PW, UA40D5030PM, UA40D5500RM, UA40D5800VW, UA46D5000PM, UA46D5000PW, UA46D5500RM, UE19D4000NW, UE19D4005NW, UE19D4020NW, UE22D5000NW, UE22D5005NW, UE22D5020NW, UE27D5000NW, UE27D5005NW, UE27D5020NW, UE32D4000NW, UE32D4005NW, UE32D4020NW, UE32D5000PW, UE32D5005PW, UE32D5800VW, UE37D5000PW, UE37D5005PW, UE40D5000PW, UE40D5005PW, UE40D5800VW, UE46D5000PW, UE32D5500RP, UE37D5500RP, UE40D5500RP, UE46D5500RP, UE32D5500, UE37D5500, UE40D5500, UE46D5500, PS51E550D1K, PS51E550D1M, PS51E550D1W, PS51E551D1W, PS51E555D1K, PS51E557D1K, PS51E558D1W, PS51E570D2S, PS51E579D2S, PS51E6500ES, PS51E6500EU, PS51E6505EU, PS51E6507EU, PS51E6580ES, PS60E550D1K, PS60E550D1M, PS60E550D1W, PS60E555D1K, PS60E557D1K, PS60E558D1W, PS60E570D2S, PS60E579D2S, PS60E6500ES, PS60E6500EU, PS60E6505EU, PS60E6507EU, PS64E550D1M, UA32ES6200M, UA32ES6220M, UA40ES6200M, UA40ES6200W, UA40ES6220M, UA40ES6600M, UA40ES6700M, UA46ES6200M, UA46ES6200W, UA46ES6220M, UA46ES6600M, UA46ES6600W, UA46ES6700M, UA50ES6200M, UA50ES6200W, UA55ES6200M, UA55ES6220M, UA55ES6600M, UA55ES6700M, UA60ES6500M, UE32ES6100W, UE32ES6140W, UE32ES6200S, UE32ES6300S, UE32ES6300U, UE32ES6305U, UE32ES6307U, UE32ES6340S, UE32ES6530S, UE32ES6535U, UE32ES6540S, UE32ES6540U, UE32ES6545U, UE32ES6547U, UE32ES6550S, UE32ES6557U, UE32ES6560S, UE32ES6565U, UE32ES6570S, UE32ES6575U, UE32ES6577U, UE32ES6580S, UE37ES6100W, UE37ES6300S, UE37ES6300U, UE37ES6307U, UE40ES6100W, UE40ES6140W, UE40ES6200S, UE40ES6300S, UE40ES6300U, UE40ES6305U, UE40ES6307U, UE40ES6340S, UE40ES6530S, UE40ES6535U, UE40ES6540S, UE40ES6540U, UE40ES6545U, UE40ES6547U, UE40ES6550S, UE40ES6557U, UE40ES6560S, UE40ES6560U, UE40ES6565U, UE40ES6570S, UE40ES6570SX, UE40ES6570S, UE40ES6575U, UE40ES6577U, UE40ES6580S, UE46ES6100W, UE46ES6140W, UE46ES6200S, UE46ES6300S, UE46ES6300U, UE46ES6305U, UE46ES6307U, UE46ES6340S, UE46ES6530S, UE46ES6530U, UE46ES6535U, UE46ES6540S, UE46ES6540U, UE46ES6545U, UE46ES6547U, UE46ES6550S, UE46ES6557U, UE46ES6560S, UE46ES6560U, UE46ES6565U, UE46ES6570S, UE46ES6575U, UE46ES6577U, UE46ES6580S, UE50ES6100W, UE50ES6300S, UE50ES6300U, UE50ES6305U, UE55ES6100W, UE55ES6140W, UE55ES6300S, UE55ES6300U, UE55ES6305U, UE55ES6307U, UE55ES6340S, UE55ES6530S, UE55ES6530U, UE55ES6535U, UE55ES6540S, UE55ES6540U, UE55ES6545U, UE55ES6547U, UE55ES6550S, UE55ES6557U, UE55ES6560S, UE55ES6560U, UE55ES6565U, UE55ES6570S, UE55ES6575U, UE55ES6577U, UE55ES6580S, UE60ES6100W, UE60ES6300S, UE60ES6300U, UE60ES6305U, UE40F5370SS, UE40F5570SS, UE46F5370SS, UE46F5570SS, UE39F5300AW, UE42F5300AW, UE32F5300AW, UE32F4510AW, UE32F4500AW, UE46ES5500



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