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Broken remote control? We have a solution.  (motto)

Short version About Us
In the middle of the Europe is Czech Republic and here we are stock, programming and ship remote controls to 130 countries. We work here from 1991 and we ship 40 000 pieces of remote controls last year. Our best product is GENERAL replacement remote control and it works with EVERY receiver, tuner, TV, radio and other IR (InfraRed) controlled devices. We have original remote controls at stock and cheaper duplicates as well. 

Long version About Us

Our office, development lab, service workshop, claim department and stock are placed in our own building in Ostrava. W
e stock 5834 original remotes types (2017) of remote controls here. It means we have 80 000 pieces of remotes at stock. Ostrava is a city of Colours Of Ostrava music festival. Baron Rothschild’s Vitkovice Steel company started production here in 1828 so Ostrava is a most important european city of Industrial revolution in 1800’s. After having industrial history, Ostrava is the city of remote controls now. Why? We ship our remotes to 130 countries around the World. You should visit our city on holiday. It’s a very special place. Still reading? Nice. Go on. 

It is personal
Really is. Nobody can
 make a correct choice from a dozens thousands of devices. We can. We know everything about remote controls. So please, do ask for help. It is our mission. It is the only way to make a best choice for your needs. And it is the only way we have. By the way, it is a great feeling to help someone. 

Not a boss. Our customers are feeding our kids. So we will do our best for resolve your remote problem. True? It is our passion. We must be better than best because nobody else can. No way out. We love our job. It is great. 

Jakub and Petra are the best. They will set up remote controls for you and he will also answer your questions at Online chat. Ask them for the best solution. They will help you to make a best choice for you. Personally, one to one. As we said above. 

Customer Support and e-shop admin
There are new remote controls made every day in the World. Lukáš keep all our web actual and he is responsible for czech customers support. In English you will talk to Petra, the Specialist.  

Matěj and Michael are the most productive guys at warehouse. A thousands of packages they have sent every month since 2012. Sometimes a mistake occurs because we are only people. So our guys will send you the proper package immediatelly. On our cost of course. Simply contact us at orders@remote-control-world.eu

Sometimes things go wrong. It can happen but Marketa is your partner and she will make you happy again. She will give you helping hand or send you money back. Do you want to appreciate us with less than 5 stars? Please don't, ask her for help. A maximum stars reviews are her passion. 

Money back
A negative review brokes our hearts. We have shipped aout over 130 000 orders from 2009 to 2017. 12 000 of our satisfied customers gave us 97 % recommendation. We can give you money back (shipping included) but we preffer to find a solution for your problem. 

Kate is The RC Queen. She made most of thousands programs for our custom remote controls. Always precise and concentrated to solve problem. If you will buy a General remote control - you will get her Know-How. She designed  it. Completelly. From sketch to final product. She say her IQ is 150 but she lie we think. She must be over 200. Our team is developing remote control with display. One remote control for aircondition and TV/Audio/Video devices. In one piece. It is just beatiful piece with display. Available in 4Q 2017. 

Twenty years of experience
Kate and Jakub were creating a really unique database. It contains thousands of remote controls buttons layouts. It tooks a years but now we have a biggest a most actual database of remote controls in the world. Industrial revolution - remember? It means Kate and Jakub take ORIGINAL remote and read a codes via infra sensor to computer. Button by button. More than 5000 remotes. Then they can upload those codes to REPLACEMENT or DUPLICATE. So you will get always 100 % functions from ORIGINAL remote control even it is almost twenty years old. We are proud of this solution. We have a solution for ALL needs thanks to our development. 

It is crazy. We are helping people in Australia, Great Britain, India, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Finland and more. We found out there are 195 countries in the World. We ship to 133 countries. From Albania to Zambia. It is almost 70 % of the World. Isn't it crazy? 

Custom made RC
We do our best. But this one is better than the best. We can replace EVERY remote control ever made. Oh, General can. The GENERAL is a perfect solution for most remotes what are discontinued. It is our baby. We can configure GENERAL to control up to 6 devices. We can customise button names to be the same as at original RC.  Go Chat and just tell Jakub what device do you want to control. By the way. GENERAL can control something. GENERAL controls. See that joke? We are still laughing about GENERAL's name :-) HA HA :-) But, please, don’t tell him. He don’t like that joke… 

Go to reviews or just ask our specialist - chat window at right bottom corner. 

VAT Elec
tronic, ltd., started in 1991 by Ing. Jaromír Nárožný (Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Brno University of Technology). His doughter Bc. Kateřina Nárožná (Kulhánková) (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, VŠB-TUO) repairs TV, design remotes and lead the company from year 2000 until today. 



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