RCW Guide

  • How to choose the best solution? 
  • What is the difference between original and replacement remote?
  • Is it working? 



1. ORIGINAL - original design, original functions, original button labels, with logo

Note - Original with company logo. Some older models can be replaced with newer original with different model numer. Please read the notes in product detail, we keep that information actual every week.
POSITIVES - It is little bit expensive but it works perfect.
NEGATIVES - Some models are not produced and you need to chose newer model or replacement.

2. REPLACEMENT - different design, all functions, button labels can be different

Note - Software from original is uploaded do replacement body. A design of body and layout of buttons can be different from original.
If original is not available the best solution for best price is GENERAL REPLACEMENT with setup from our chat/e-mail support.
POSITIVES - Solid buttons, all functions from original, can be programmed for diferent device later, always at stock, we can upload 4 devices in one remote! Works great!
NEGATIVES - 99,9 WORKS FINE but some RARE MODELS are not tested and some buttons must be reprogrammed.

3. DUPLICATE - different design, all functions, original button labels

Note - Software from original is uploaded do replacement body. A layout of buttons can be slightly different but we put a custom label with titles the same as original is.
POSITIVES - The best solution if original is not longer produced.

4. REPLICA - original design, all functions, original button labels, no logo

Note - Visual copy of original RC without company logo. Produced in different factory and all product are tested before sent.
POSITIVES - Usually it is cheapest solution, looks exactly like original.
NEGATIVES - Some models are not perfect and it is better to choose replacement.

5. REPAIR - parts replacement

Note - In some cases is possible to repair the original remote control. Or we read the software from the broken original remote control and upload it to a replacement remote control (3. and 4.). It works best.
POSITIVES - We can repair original one.
NEGATIVES - Some destructions we are not able to repair but we can offer to build a custom replacement of remote control.
In case you still have old original remote control we can offer you repair of your original remote control.

*To be precise, we call it software but facticaly it is an configuration file uploaded by special software to special replacement hardware. It means you will get final product, just put baterry in and you can use it immediatelly. No setup required, we upload the config file before before shipping


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