OVP RC5840 - remote control, replacement

(VAT 21%)
14.7 EUR
Part number:RC5840-4432-premium
Availability:> 10 pieces in stock
Warranty terms: Brand new, 2 years guarantee,
accepting returns within 30 days

Delivery to EU: 2 to 7 days, non-EU: 2-20 days



Replacement remote control OVP RC5840 - 100% replacement 1:1 of the original remote control.

Remote control is dedicated for OVP device models: CTV 2941RF, 2027, CTV 2026A, CTV 2135A, CTV 2137A, CTV 2142RF, CTV 2147, CTV 2173RF, CTV 2176RF, CTV 2177RF, CTV 2190, CTV 2191, CTV 2192, CTV 2193, CTV 2197, CTV 2291RF DVB-T, CTV 2292RF DVB-T, CTV 2540, CTV 2541, CTV 2542, CTV 2543, CTV 2544, CTV 25MM41, CTV 25MM42, CTV 28 HD 13, CTV 2844, CTV 2845, CTV 2850, CTV 2851, CTV 2852, CTV 2853, CTV 2854, CTV 2855, CTV 2860, CTV 28HD13C, CTV 28MM41, CTV 2941RF, CTV 2942RF, CTV 2953RF, CTV 2954RF, CTV 2955RF, CTV 2991RF DVB-T, CTV 2992RF DVB-T, CTV-146S, CTV-2027, CTV-2028, CTV-2125, CTV-2126, CTV-2127, CTV-2130, CTV-2135, CTV-2137A, CTV-2138 A1, CTV-2138A1, CTV-2154, CTV-2154A, CTV-2155, CTV-2156, CTV-2157, CTV-2158, CTV-2159, CTV-2164, CTV-2165, CTV-2166, CTV-2167, CTV-2168, CTV-2169, CTV-2170RF, CTV-2172RF, CTV-2176RFS, CTV-2180, CTV-219 TXT, CTV-219TXT, CTV-2501, CTV-2502 TXT, CTV-2502TXT, CTV-253, CTV-2543S, CTV-2550S, CTV-2551S, CTV-2552S, CTV-25MM30A, CTV-25MM40, CTV-280TXT, CTV-2840, CTV-2841, CTV-2842, CTV-2843, CTV-2844S, CTV-2853, CTV-2853S, CTV-286, CTV-2860, CTV-2860S, CTV-2861RF, CTV-2862, CTV-286EC, CTV-2870, CTV-2870S, CTV-2871, CTV-2872, CTV-28HD13 PIP, CTV-28HD13PIP, CTV-28MM30, CTV-28MM30A, CTV-28MM40, CTV-28MM42, CTV-2994RF, CTV-7086, CTV-7086 EC STEREO, CTV141, CTV142, CTV143, CTV144, CTV145, CTV146, CTV201, CTV2020, CTV2021, CTV2022, CTV2024, CTV2026A, CTV2028, CTV205, CTV206, CTV207, CTV208, CTV209, CTV211, CTV212, CTV2121, CTV2122, CTV2123, CTV2124, CTV2125, CTV2126, CTV2127, CTV2128, CTV2129, CTV213, CTV2130, CTV2131, CTV2134, CTV2134A, CTV2135, CTV2135A, CTV2137, CTV2137A, CTV2138, CTV2138 A1, CTV2138A, CTV2138A1, CTV2139, CTV2139A, CTV214, CTV2142, CTV2142RF, CTV2144, CTV2145, CTV2147, CTV2148, CTV2149, CTV215, CTV2150RF, CTV2151RF, CTV2152RF, CTV2154, CTV2154A, CTV2155, CTV2156, CTV2173RF, CTV2176RF, CTV2177RF, CTV2178RF SLIM, CTV2178RFSLIM, CTV2179RF SLIM, CTV2179RFSLIM, CTV218, CTV2184, CTV219, CTV219 TXT, CTV2190, CTV2191, CTV2192, CTV2193, CTV2194, CTV2195, CTV2196, CTV2197, CTV219TXT, CTV21HD10, CTV21HD11, CTV2294RF SLIM, CTV2294RFSLIM, CTV2501, CTV2502, CTV251, CTV252, CTV253, CTV2534, CTV2535, CTV254, CTV2540, CTV2541, CTV2542, CTV2543, CTV2544, CTV2545, CTV2550S, CTV2551S, CTV2552S, CTV256, CTV259, CTV25HD10, CTV25HD11, CTV25MM30, CTV25MM31, CTV25MM32, CTV25MM33, CTV25MM40, CTV25MM41, CTV25MM42, CTV280, CTV2801, CTV2802, CTV280TXT, CTV281, CTV282, CTV283, CTV2834, CTV2835, CTV284, CTV2840, CTV2841, CTV2842, CTV2844, CTV2845, CTV2850, CTV2851, CTV2852, CTV2853, CTV2853S, CTV2854, CTV2855, CTV286, CTV2860, CTV2860S, CTV2861, CTV2862, CTV286EC, CTV2870, CTV2871, CTV2872, CTV289, CTV28HD10, CTV28HD11, CTV28HD13, CTV28HD13C, CTV28MM30, CTV28MM31, CTV28MM32, CTV28MM33, CTV28MM40, CTV28MM41, CTV28MM42, CTV28W31, CTV28W32, CTV28WHD41, CTV2941RF, CTV2942RF, CTV2950RF, CTV2951RF, CTV2952RF, CTV2953RF, CTV2954RF, CTV2955RF, CTV2956RF SLIM, CTV2956RFSLIM, CTV2957RF SLIM, CTV2957RFSLIM, CTV2970RF SLIM, CTV2970RFSLIM, CTV2971RF SLIM, CTV2971RFSLIM, CTV2972RF SLIM, CTV2972RFSLIM, CTV2994 RF SLIM, CTV29WHD51TF, CTV32W51RF, CTV32WHD2000. (There may not be listed all compatible models. If you are not sure, just tell us your device model (by online chat, email), we will promptly check, verify if compatible. The verified compatibility is quaranteed by us.)

This remote control is available on branded remote control General Premium (shown on the left). We guarantee that the remote control will perform all the functions of the original RC.

It is not an universal remote but dedicated for models listed above. No setup, no pairing needed, just insert batteries and it works. Look at the function map on the product picture to make sure that all the functions are available.

  • This is dedicated replacement remote control (not a generic "Universal RC").
  • Performs exactly all the functions of the original RC.
  • 24 months guarantee.
  • User manual with button functions is included.

ADDITIONAL FUNCTION: This remote control can be programmed on 1-4 devices (4 in total). You will be able to control several different devices with the same remote control. If you write us your other device models into the order comment, we will program the controller for all of them. For this service additional service fee 2 EUR will be charged: see details

In the case that you replace your home electronics in the future, we are able to reprogram this controller for absolutely any new device (s). The General remote control will survive your existing device!



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