BIG Thanks To You Guys!
Monday 02 May, 2016

I'm totally impressed with the way these guys went all those extra miles to deliver a perfect remote control under difficult circumstances. I gave them a difficult job. I wanted a remote control for a quite old DMTech TV. They didn't have the code for that specific TV, but they tried just the same. In the first attempt they tried the code for four other DMTech TVs. None worked. The second attempt resulted in perfect control of the TV functionality but only partial control of DVD functionality. The third attempt gave me full control of everything. They never gave up. They sent me three different controls without asking for more money. This is an organization that takes pride in making the customer satisfied, whatever the cost for it, as proved by my example. Now I know the exact place where I can order replacement remote controls, whenever I need one. Way to go, guys! Sten Sundblad, Sweden
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