Remote Control Repair - STANDARD

Remote Control Repair - STANDARD Remote Control Repair - STANDARD Remote Control Repair - STANDARD
(VAT 21%)
8.6 EUR
Part number:RC-Reparation
Availability:> 10 pieces in stock
Warranty terms: Brand new, 2 years guarantee,
accepting returns within 30 days

Delivery to EU: 2 to 7 days, non-EU: 2-20 days



Remote control reparation will be done approximatelly within 5 working days. 

We can repair any remote control and we also refurbish remotes after a failed repair attempt.

  • This is a complete refubishment of a remote control with display incl. RC's cleaning
  • The warranty for a repair is 3 months.

The repair is only possible if the remote control is not mechanically damaged (for example a dog chewing, a plastic part missing, missing button, etc.).


Send your remote control by post together with a description of the problem in the letter attached - Remember, the more information you put in the letter, the easier and faster your repair will be.
The fixed remote control will return back to you within 10 days (usually sooner) to the address you entered in the attached letter.

Our address: 
VAT Electronic s.r.o.,
Korejská 15,
ZIP: 702 00
CZECH republic, Europe. 

Note: Please write the word "REPAIR" on the envelope. 



A) IR remote control: 10-15 EUR

B) RF remote control: 15-20 EUR

C) atypical, unusual remote controls : 20-200 EUR

This category is made for very special and unusual cases and devices. For example, we were able to repair an RF remote control for an caravan shift engine,
remote control for bed for disabled people,
RF remote control for a hydraulic press, this repair took our technician about 2 days straight and cost about 160 EUR in the end.
The price for the original was about 2800 EUR and it was not available anymore.
Thanks to the repair, we saved a press that costs hundreds of thousands EUR, because it’s not able to be used without the remote control at all.

D) Fee for repairing a remote after a failed repair attempt: 5-10 EUR
We need to put the remote control back to the previous state before repairing it.
If the remote control was not damaged, you are not required to pay this fee at all.



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