GOGEN RC-A49130, 30092061 - replacement remote control

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Brand new replacement remote control GOGEN RC-A49130, 30092061 (RCA49130, 30092061).

Remote control is dedicated for GOGEN device models: 22FWDC5160, 32-FWA-5660, 32FWA5660, 32FWB5660, 40HB1W66W, 40LV5750, DIGIHOME 40FW171W, DIGIHOME 50FHS151, EDENWOOD ED 3203 HDWH, EDENWOOD ED3206HDWH, EDENWOOD ED4301UHD, EDENWOOD ED4902UHD, EDENWOOD ED6503UHD, FINLUX 32 FWA 5660, FINLUX 32FFB5660, FINLUX 49FUB5520, FINLUX 55FUB8060, FINLUX 65FUB8060, H435354, HITACHI 40 HB 1 W 66 WI, HITACHI 43HB6W62WI, HITACHI 49HK6000W, HITACHI 55HK6000W, JVC LT24VW52K, JVC LT32VW52K, L24H472F4CWV, NABO 40 LV 5750, OK ODL32692FTIW, OKI ODL32690FTIW, PROSONIC 32LED5008SWH, SALORA SMART 43 LEDW, SALORA SMART43LEDW, SMART43LEDW, SULPICE 24SULP06W, SULPICE 32 SUL P 06 W, TE48282S25T2K, TELEFUNKEN L24H472F4CWVW, TELEFUNKEN TE 48282 S 25 T 2K, TELEFUNKEN TE28WHB35Z2B, TELEFUNKEN TE32WHB35Z2D, TELEFUNKEN TE32WHS27T2D, TELEFUNKEN TE39WHB35Z2H, TVF32N425STWEB, TVF40N384STWEB, TVF43N384STWEB, TVH-24N550-STWEBW, TVH24N540STWEBW, TVH24N550STWEBW, TVH32N540STWEBW. (There may not be listed all compatible models. If you are not sure, just tell us your device model (by online chat, email), we will promptly check, verify if compatible. The verified compatibility is quaranteed by us.)

This remote control has been replaced by GOGEN RC-A4995, RC-4995 remote control. It is fully compatible and has the same design and functions (shown on the left).

This is exactly the same remote control as the original. The only difference is that it does not have the GOGEN logo (that's the only reason it's cheaper). Otherwise, it is the same remote, high quality, reliability and transmitting distance exactly the same as the original remote control. We check and test all our remote controls, so we can guarantee their reliability, superior transmitting range, and excellent button sensitivity.

This remote control does not need any pairing, setting up or any codes. Just insert batteries and it works with all the models listed above.



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