NOVOFERM MIX43-2 - radio (RF) remote control - replacement

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Replacement remote control NOVOFERM MIX43-2 (MIX432) - 100% replacement 1:1 of the original remote control.

The remote control supplied is already pre-programmed on buttons 1 and 2. You only need to register the remote control to your original receiving unit memory!

Remote control is dedicated for NOVOFERM device models: GTA 701, GTA 702, GTA 703, MAX802, MCHS, MCHS43- 2, MHS43(2-4), MICRO-NOVOTRON 31, MICRO-NOVOTRON 502, MICRONOVOTRON 504, MICRONOVOTRON 51, MINI-NOVOTRON 30, MININOVOTRON 50, MININOVOTRON 504, MNHS, MNHS433(2-4), MTR40-2, NOVOFERM, NOVOTRON 502, NOVOTRON 504, NOVOTRON 512MIX43-2, TORMATIC, TORMATIC MAX43-2, VIVOPORT. (There may not be listed all compatible models. If you are not sure, just tell us your device model (by online chat, email), we will promptly check, verify if compatible. The verified compatibility is quaranteed by us.)

This remote control is available on branded remote control General GATE (shown on the left). We guarantee that the remote control will perform all the functions of the original RC.

  • The RF remote control General GATE fully replaces the original remote control.
  • Only one single remote control could be used up for 4 different brands or models of different Frequencies (270-870 MHz).
  • Remote control works with both fixed and rolling codes.
  • Multifrequency auto-scan remote control.
  • Copying/cloning of the code/protocol from the original remote control.
  • Battery Panasonic CR2032 included.
  • Dimensions: 69 x 34 x 10 mm
  • If any specific colour required, state this information to the customers’ note during placing an order.

How to copy the code from the original remote control:

  1. While holding button no. 1 pushed, press four times button no. 4 on the remote control General GATE.
  2. Release both buttons. LED diode flashes shortly approx. every 2 sec.
  3. Put the original remote control (2-3 centimetres) in the front of General GATE.
  4. Push and hold button you would like to copy on the original remote control until LED diode flashes quickly (before quick flashing the diode shines permanently).
  5. While LED diode flashes quickly, push and hold required button on General GATE until LED diode goes off as a confirmation of successful copying of the code.
  6. Copy was successfully made. Now it is important to log the new remote control into the original receiving unit.

How to REGISTER the new remote control into the original receiving unit:

  1. Open the cover of the buttons on the front of the receiving unit. You will see the buttons.
  2. Press oval button on the right of the unit control panel once. The number 1 lights up on the display and flashes.
  3. Go with the new controller close to the unit (approx. 0.5 m) and press the programmed button on the General GATE. The number 0 will appear on the display and then disappears.
  4. Now, the new General GATE remote controls your gate with the Novotron / Novoferm / Tormatic remote.

One single RF General GATE remote control for all: gate, garage door, venetian blind and indoor lightning. Other 3 buttons of the remote control could be programmed for other devices which require RF (radio) remote control. So it can control up to 4 different devices / receivers. This remote control could be used and programmed for any brand (with both fixed and rolling code). General GATE is THE ONLY RF remote control that you can program with codes of different door/gate manufacturers/frequencies into one General GATE. Supported frequency 280-870 MHz.



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