GENERAL GATE KEYPAD radio keyboard control ROLLING and FIXED codes

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The GENERAL GATE KEYPAD keyboard is a radio multifunctional universal keyboard that allows you to control gates, sunblinds, room lighting, or door remote control. The keypad acts as an encryption lock, it sends a signal only if the correct code is entered. Powered by the batteries included in the package. The keyboard is waterproof and made of durable material. You can use the keyboard indoors and outdoors without unstable cables. It has been tested that the buttons respond well and do not jam in any way even after a long period of time.

The General GATE KEYPAD RF keyboard fully replaces a remote control or other keyboard with a frequency of 280 MHz to 870 MHz with fixed and floating (rolling) codes.

  • It can can do both FIXED or ROLLING codes.
  • Multi-frequency auto-scan driver 280-868 MHz (also Hormann brand).
  • Copy / clone broadcast code / protocol from original driver.
  • Keyboard transmission range: 50 m
  • Water resistant: IP44
  • Supplied with 2x AAA Alkaline batteries.
  • Dimensions: 90 x 75 x 33 mm

How to copy the codes from the original remote control:

  1. Hold down the A button and press the B button 4 times. The keypad switches to copy mode, you will hear 4 beeps when you press B. The green LED starts flashing slowly every 2 seconds.
  2. Press and hold the button on the original remote control, the LED will light up in a green colour, hold the button on the original remote control until the LED starts flashing.
  3. Now press the desired button to save the code (numbers 1-2-3-4), the LED will light up green for about 3 seconds. That means that the learning was successful.
  4. For the learned button, set the code for sending the signal according to the enclosed manual.

RF Keyboard GATE KEYPAD for everything: You can program the control for the garage doors, blinds, remote-controlled doors and more on other buttons (1-2-3-4 in total) in a similar way. The receivers can be of various (any) brands and manufacturers with any fixed or rolling code.



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