IHANDY CRC1805 A/C UNIVERSAL remote control

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Part number:CRC1805
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Manufactured by: IHANDY

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iHANDY CRC1805 A/C UNIVERSAL is a universal remote contol for air conditiones with backlighted display. You can replace every function of your old or damage air condition remote control.

Controls most popular air conditioner brands

  • 5 modes:Auto,Cool,Dry,Fan and Heat
  • Cool and Heating mode:from 16 to 30℃
  • Fan Speed:Auto,1,2,3
  • Swing Auto and Off
  • Timer on/off function
  • Top 21 brand auto search
  • LCD with backlight
  • Exchange of fahrenheit and centigrade

AC code setup

  • If your brand is not one of the 21 listed in the Auto Search section,checked the inclued code list and locate your brand there.To test the code listed:
  • Press and keep holding SETUP key for 2s.
  • In the CODE display,the last digit will flashes on screen.
  • Use the Left and Right keys to select a digit,and the Up and Down keys to change it until the 4 digits match the first code in the list
  • Press the ON/OFF key to test the code
  • If your a/c unit reacts,press SETUP to store the code.
  • If not,try again with the next code in the list.
  • You can exit this code by pressing the CANCEL button
  • Once you have found the code that works correctly,please write it down below

Timer ON/OFF function

  • If your a/c unit is on,you can set the TIMER functions to turn it OFF half an hour to 24 hour from now(in half hour intervals)
  • If your a/c unit is OFF,you can set the TIMER functions to turn it ON half and hour to 24 hour from now(in half hour intervals)
  • To activate the Timer,press the TIMER key repeatedly until the desired time shows as in the example.The Timer will start if no key is pressed for 3 seconds.
  • You can confirm the Timer by pressing the SETUP button.
  • You can cancel the TIMER by pressing the CANCEL button.
  • When the Timer is activated,please leave the remote control pointing towards the the unit.


  • IR operating Distance:Up to 10m line of sight,in unobstructed environment
  • Temp Setting Range:16-30℃
  • LCD :Segment and icons type LCD display
  • Backlight:Backlight Backlight off timer=5s
  • Power input:Powered by AAA*2 pcs /Alkaline batteries are recommended for the unit.
  • Operating and Storage Temps:Operating:0-40 ℃/Storage:-20-60 ℃
  • Dimension(L×H×T) 43mm×135mm×20mm
  • Weight:60g(Batteries excluded)



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