General SAT-TV remote control especially programmed for SAT receivers and DVB-T

(VAT 21%)
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Part number:GENERAL-238-G-sat
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Warranty terms: Brand new, 2 years guarantee,
accepting returns within 30 days

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To be programmed for (write your brand and model):

Brand new remote control General SAT-TV has button names customized for satelite and DVB-T receivers. This remote has teletext, EPG, Guide, DTV, P/C etc (NO "input switching, play, stop etc, speaker setup, setup, subtitle etc.", which are confusing for SAT, DVB-T usage). In addition, General SAT-TV can also be set to control the basic functions of your TV as a 2in1 remote (SAT + TV) simultaneously.


Note: It is important to keep in mind that if you have an atypical (non-standard) device, we need to creat the code. The production of atypical code will take some time, so it can take up to 14 days. It will be a custom production. Thank you for your understanding.


  • We will deliver you General SAT already set up to 2 different devices exactly according to your requirements. Write in the comments the brand and model of your DVD, SAT, DVB-T, HiFi, Home theatre etc., and you do not have to worry anymore. YOU SIMPLY INSERT THE BATTERIES and you can control all you home electronics.
  • The programmed remote control General SAT has exactly the same functions as the original remote control including all special functions (setting, tuning, switching inputs, DVB-T, etc..)
  • We guarantee the full functionality of the remote General SAT for the devices entered by the customer. No more universal remote controls from the supermarket, which either does not work at all or at best, only the basic functions (like power on / off, sound) operate but nothing else!
  • Button layout is intuitive and corresponds to the markings (ie. it cannot happen that, for example, the MENU button would start the teletext, etc.)
  • General SAT holds the settings even if the batteries are removed.
  • For better orientation is to every General SAT attached manual describing the buttons layout.
  • General SAT is absolutely faultless and fall resistant remote control. 2 years guarantee.
  • This remote control will grow old with you, because In the future we can whenever reprogramme it to any other device according to upgrade of your home electronics over the years.
  • Dimension: 185 x 49 x 20 mm
  • Color: Black

Software is made in the Czech Republic. Everything is our own production and development!

Do you have electronics service or shop with electronics?

Take advantage of significant discounts, such as quantity discounts or discounts for programming the remote control for the customer directly at your store. So you can order from us the clear unprogrammed GENERAL and after a short training you will satisfy every customer, and you will be able to program the remote control directly at your shop with a good margin. We are manufacturers and we can provide you with a really good price in exchange for your support and service for the end user. This means that you will be able to set the remote control yourself according to the customer´s requirements, print the instructions for use, explain everything necessary, etc. Your orders please send to: servis@vatelectronic.cz, enter your company (registration) number and we will do you a price.

This offer is valid only for professional services and specialized electroshops (not for Datart or other retail chains which are unable to program the remote control for the customer's device).


We guarantee the full functionality of GENERAL SAT remote control as 100% replacement of the original remote control (it must have all the functions exactly like the original). This universal remote control does not require any setup - we will supply it to you already programmed. You will only insert the batteries! We can programme it for your TV, DVD, VCR, PVR, TV, DVB-T, AUX, HIFI, AV receiver, projector, radio, Mediacenter, camcorder, etc ... for anything that responds to IR signal.

In your order you only have to specify for what device you need to program the remote control - when ordering, enter in the "note" the type and the name of the device remote control you want to program. We are able to program this universal remote control with any code of the original remote control, for SAT, DVB-T, satellite, etc., that we have in our warehouse or in the manufacturer database or in the service documentation of the product. We can clone any remote control and add its code to the list of producers to expand the database regularly. The database was updated on October 31, 2011 and it contained 405 000 different remote controls, now in May, 2012 it had 450 000. The remote control proved functional for different atypical devices, for which originals can not be bought and no other universal remote controls work for them. This remote control is supplied with the description of the function of each button. Any time in the future, we can reprogram your remote control from one device to another for free (you will only pay a fee of - and postage there and back). Although the price is higher than that of the other remote controls offered by us, the advantage of this universal remote control is that in the future, it can be reprogrammed at any time for any other type of device (TV, DVD, satellite receiver, set top box, VCR, HiFi Audio, etc.) so it will survive all your home electronics. So this remote control will grow old with you.

Only the remote control without a PC adapter, and operating software - we will supply programmed according to your requirements! The code will never be cleared during the battery change and it is also impossible to loose the settings accidentally as with ordinary universal remote control. On request we can modify the code according to your needs, for example, move the position of the buttons or disable tunning functions or any other unwanted function (for example, if you have senior family members, who are oftenable to absolutely “devastate“ your remote control) or hide it under the SHIFT button, and so on - exactly according to the custumer´s whim :-) Just enter your requirements to comment.



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